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Product card module

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A "Product Card Module" is a user interface component commonly used in e-commerce websites and apps. It presents essential information about a product, such as its image, title, price, and a brief description, in a visually appealing card format. This allows users to quickly browse and make purchasing decisions without navigating to individual product pages. It often includes features like an "Add to Cart" button, product variants, ratings, and quick actions. The module enhances the user experience by providing a snapshot of key details and encouraging further exploration.


A product card module is a component used in e-commerce websites or applications to display information about a specific product. It typically includes essential details and features of the product, allowing users to quickly evaluate and make decisions about whether to purchase the item.

The product card module usually consists of the following elements:

  1. Product Image: A visual representation of the product, often a high-quality photograph, to give users a clear idea of what the item looks like.

  2. Product Title: The name or title of the product, which should be concise, descriptive, and attention-grabbing to engage users.

  3. Price: The cost of the product, typically displayed prominently, allowing users to quickly determine if it fits within their budget.

  4. Product Description: A brief summary or overview of the product's features, benefits, and unique selling points. It should highlight the key information that sets the product apart from others.

  5. Add to Cart or Buy Now Button: A prominent call-to-action button that enables users to add the product to their shopping cart or proceed directly to the checkout process.

  6. Product Rating and Reviews: If available, a rating or review system that displays the average rating given by previous customers and potentially showcases individual reviews. This helps users gauge the product's quality and reliability.

  7. Product Variants: If the product comes in different variations, such as different sizes, colors, or configurations, the product card module may include dropdown menus or selection options to choose the desired variant.

  8. Additional Information: Depending on the product and its complexity, there may be additional information provided, such as specifications, dimensions, materials, warranty details, or shipping information. This data helps users make informed decisions.

  9. Social Sharing Buttons: Optional buttons that allow users to share the product on social media platforms, encouraging word-of-mouth promotion.

The design and layout of a product card module can vary based on the platform's or website's aesthetic, but the goal is to present the product's key information in a visually appealing and easily scannable format. The module aims to provide a seamless user experience and help users quickly evaluate and take action on the product being showcased.

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