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Articel modul for JoomlaArticel modul for Joomla

Articel modul for Joomla

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An article module in Joomla is a customizable component that allows you to display articles on your website. It can show the latest articles from a specific category or a selection of articles based on various criteria. You can configure the module to control the number of articles, their ordering, and the display options. By assigning the module to a module position on your Joomla template, you can easily showcase articles on your website and keep your content updated.



  1. Log in to your Joomla administration panel.
  2. Go to the "Extensions" menu and click on "Modules."
  3. Click on the "New" button to create a new module.
  4. In the module type selection, choose "Articles - Latest" or "Articles - Newsflash" depending on your requirements.
    • "Articles - Latest" will display the latest articles from a specific category or all categories.
    • "Articles - Newsflash" will display a selection of articles based on specific criteria.
  5. Set the module parameters according to your needs. Some common options include:
    • Category: Choose the category from which you want to display articles.
    • Number of articles: Specify the maximum number of articles to display.
    • Ordering: Select how the articles should be ordered (by date, title, etc.).
    • Module title: Enter a title for your module (optional).
  6. Configure the module's display options, such as the number of columns, intro text length, and article details to show.
  7. Customize the module's styling and layout using the available options or by editing the module's CSS file.
  8. Save the module.
  9. Assign the module to a module position on your Joomla template by going to the "Module Assignment" tab and selecting the desired position.
  10. Set the module's access and menu assignment options as needed.
  11. Save your changes.

Once you've completed these steps, the article module will be displayed on your Joomla website, showing the latest articles or a selection of articles based on your configuration.

Remember to adjust the module's settings and styling according to your specific needs and website design.

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